If you put a cat and a bunch of broken bones in the same room, the bones will heal!


I will never forget the day when my colleague at work was telling me how the feral cat has hastened the decline of the native mammals species in Australia. He claimed that cats are the victimisers in this so called “extinction calamity”, and for that reason, he will never think cats are any good what so ever. I do get where he is coming from, especially in such a disgraceful situation, but I also take it that he already has an opinion about cats, one that is not so positive.

Evil, selfish, dark and cold are probably the most common words you would hear about cats from those who never really know anything about them. As an absolute cat lover myself who has had 8 cats at one time, knowing how cats are generally misunderstood actually pains me. From my own experience, cats do share long and deep bonds with their human family, and that is why I consider them my precious babies and part of my family rather than just pets.

Living side-by-side with these amazing, beautiful and elegant furry animals for more than 10 years has lightened up my days. Sadly, I wasn’t able to take them with me to Australia for the moment, which has been a big downside of coming here. But as I am a huge fan of cats, me and my Australian family have adopted a cat together, and we named her Piaf – hands up and let me know if the name rings the bell! 😉 Adopting Piaf is one of the best decisions I’ve made here in Melbourne; Piaf has comforted me big time in my difficult moments here. So I decided to start my blog journey by talking about cats to make people realise how affectionate and attached these furry angels can be and hopefully also change the opinions of those people who are not fond of cats.

Let me start with why cats are good for us with some evidence……

Purring can mean a few things to cats, it is not just a sign of contentment or delight, it is also a magical power of self-healing when cats are injured or in pain. As you can see in the video, purring is also a therapy to stress. Recent research has proven that the soothing purring of a cat can be beneficial to our well-beings. The cat’s purr falls within a range of 20-50 Hertz, and extends to 140 Hertz. In sound therapy, these vibration frequencies are associated with medical therapeutic and believed to heal injuries and relieve pain. In other words, the cat’s purr helps lower stress level and blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart attack, decrease the difficulties with breathing, heal infection and swelling, mend and strengthen bones.


So if you already have a furry feline that you love, now go fetch her to hug and kiss them for all that they have brought you. If you don’t, why not seriously consider fostering, adopting and saving one who will pay you back with lots of love, snuggles, and many years of great health? 😉

On that note, I will be posting how cats show their love to us in my next blog, and there are more and more to come! So stick around and join me to be a cataholic! Meow~~!


37 thoughts on “If you put a cat and a bunch of broken bones in the same room, the bones will heal!”

  1. I don’t dislike cats, I think they are cute and graceful creatures, cousins to my favorite animal cheetahs, in the Felidae family. However, I recently had an daunting encounter where I believe the culprit is one of this furry little devils. Waking up this morning to do my laundry, I was horrified with the carcass of what looked like a bright green budgie. With ants crawling over the disintegrated wings and the empty eye-socket, I can not help but recollect the similar experience I had with our cat growing up. Lisa use to take pigeons apart, leaving the family to be nauseated with different body parts around the house. Now, I respect the ways of the nature, and the natural instincts of cats, however, please finish your food and dispose of the remains in the future! You can bury your crap in sand, please do the same with food you can’t finish!!! XD

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  2. Yeah, Edith Piaf!
    Piaf is really growing into a beautiful girl.
    Cats can be so cheeky….. and it’s really a bless to see how Piaf and Kevin get along with each other and share their love.. haha..

    Thanks, Grace!


  3. oh yes Edith Piaf 😉 heheh
    To be honest, I have always been very much a “dog person” but after adopting our beautiful but cheeky kitty cat, I’m finding a new love for these furry animals.
    Great read Stef 🙂 so sweet

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  4. Aww Loved it! Honestly, I had negative feeling toward cats & never owned one before! but my husband and his entire family are catholics too! as a result I started to get close to cats, hug them, play with them and feel the extra love they can add to our lives ❤ Cats are really fluffy, cute and clever pets.. I love them so much & becoming catholic too 🙂 We were not able to take our cat (Pishool) here too & I missed her so much 😦
    Btw Piaf is so cute ❤ ❤

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    1. Thank you, Sepid! That’s exactly what I meant, cats are really misunderstood big time!!!!! That’s why I am writing this and hopefully I can turn this situation around!
      Yeah, I was actually a little bit depressed when writing as I thought of my cats in Taiwan and it took me quite a long time to get this first one done because of that reason. But I know that your cat is well taken of….. that’s the best!
      Btw, come and visit Piaf! xoxo

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  5. 妳真的貓奴無誤!




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  6. Hi, Stefanie.

    Great article. You’ll be surprised to know that my family used to have 30 cats and two dogs. Yes – we have both cats and dogs. One thing I would like to know though – how do we overcome cat fur allergies? I tend to get a sniffly nose with cats at home.

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    1. Thank Caroline, and I am really stunned by the amount of cats and dogs you used to have. I used to get 8 cats and 1 dog at the same time! 30 + 2 is really incredible! Were they all adopted/rescued? I will write something about cat fur allergies in my next blogs…


  7. Edith Piaf my hand is up totally love her music. Thats a lovely name for a cat, your blog is well written radiating the warmth you have for cats. I am more of a dog lover but i must admit i find cats cute

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    1. Yay!!!! Edith Piaf, that’s it! 😉
      Thank you, Nyarotso. I do feel for the cats! I love dogs as well as I have one, Mimi, in Taiwan and now got Kevin here. Animals are purely amazing though!


  8. i used to have one in my country, Stefanie! i remember every time she got sicks, my grandma helped her by pouring Chinese medicines into her mouth… and she got well soon! how’s cute! So she really needed to be treat like a human. But sadly, one day she went to somewhere and never came back home with me! some neighbours told me one evil guy hit her by his motorbike and through him into the river! From that day, i wont have any cat and i want her to be my only one forever! 🙂

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    1. Chinese medicines.. that’s interesting!
      So sorry to hear what happened to your cat and I understand how that feels… She is happily in Cat Heaven now with my Rufus, Leia, Buster, Shiver and Kimchi now! xoxo

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  9. As a cat lover, I totally understand the magic power of purring. Every time when I hear my cat Miu Miu purring around me, I know she is comfortable with me (I think so) and it does relieve my stress.

    I still remember the first day I brought Miu Miu home, my mom was nervous and told me: there is something wrong with your cat! She heard the purring and thought that Miu Miu was sick. Now she loves it!

    Thanks for sharing the video, I miss my Miu Miu’s purring now 🙂

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    1. I was thinking of my cats in Taiwan the whole time I was writing the post as well! Some people really have no idea about cats purring though and see that as something weird!
      As cat lovers, it’s our DUTY (as we are the slaves of them) to defend them and explain to those how amazing out masters are! 😉


  10. I’m also a cat person Stef, I love them!! I can’t imagine not having my cat. I adopted my cat Tom last year from a foster shelter and he is the sweetest thing ever! He loves his afternoon cuddles and loves to curl up with me while i do my assignments.
    I look forward to your next posts

    – Kim

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    1. Thanks, Kim! Aren’t they just amazing!!!! Piaf likes to sleep on my lap when I sit at my desk to do my assignments as well! And she curls up to sleep on my neck when I sleep to keep me warm also!
      Love cats!!!

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  11. I think cats are mysterious animals, or I would say ‘sexy creatures’.

    It’s great to know about their purring healing effects! So thank you! Keep posting 🙂

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    1. Hi Tammy, thanks for your comment. Yeah, cats normally are considered mysterious and that’s also why some people think they are difficult to manage! I am getting this privilege healing power every day! 😉


  12. I was really astonished by the purring healing affects .
    I had heard about it before but didn’t know it actually works
    Awesome job

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    1. Thanks, Arman! The first time I heard about the purring healing was from Dr Jane Goodall when I showed her some pictures of my cats. She was telling me that there are evidences of how purring helps ease pain and comfort people. Cats are truly amazing!


    1. Thanks, Claire! Now since you know more about cats, you probably should spend more time at Eunice’s place to entertain my cats and hopefully they will purr for you to give you good health! 😉


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