One small cat changes coming home to an empty house to coming home ~ Pam Brown

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People sometimes wonder why I have so many cats, well, pretty much all the cats I have got were sick or in a bad situation/condition, so I took them to the vet and took care of the cats after. And once I have got one, I told myself that it would be better to have another one to keep on another company; and then the third one came around, I thought, and still think, there is no difference between 2 and 3, between 3 and 4…….. so I ended up having 8 cats at the same time for a whole. 😛 As what the Australian poet, Pam Brown, said “one small cat changes coming home to an empty house to coming home”, my cats surely made the place I lived in as a home or a family, more than just a house to me.


But then here comes something I would say quite annoying – I often get asked if I could remember my cats’ names or identify each and every of them when people know how many cats I have had. In fact, I am always quite shocked to these kinds of questions. Why would people ever think I couldn’t? I hand picked each of them up, either from the streets, shelters or from my friends, and I named them myself! They are all different and special to me, so I am going to talk about how I met them today.

Before & After of Sticky – my Queen Bee

Sticky – my Queen Bee (2003~)
Sticky was the first cat I got on my own. This little kitten was found stuck on the sticky rattrap at the corner of the lane where my friend lived. My friend took her to the vet and tried to detach her from the trap. My friend saved her but couldn’t really keep her as she had two crazy dogs at home, so I took the little kitten in. As she still had the glue on her, I decided to name her “Sticky”. It took me more than a month to get rid of all the glue on her completely! Ever since, she has become a beautiful ginger cat with nice shinny coat. She is always elegant and has got this kind of privileged attitude that she doesn’t really like any other cat to get too close to her, so I always say she is the Queen in my family. One thing, do you know normally ginger cats are males? My vet was even surprised that Sticky was a girl! 😛 See how special Sticky is!

Limpy – my Ugly Duckling

Limpy – my Ugly Duckling (2004~)
Yeah, I know that it’s an odd name! But there is a reason behind. I still remember when I first saw this cat, it was actually outside of the dentist I went and I spotted her limping alongside the street. I tired to catch her but failed. After I was done with the dentist, I could see her nowhere. The next day when I went back to the dentist, she was there again and then I quickly when home to get my carrier and asked my friend to come with me to get her. We managed to get her and I took her to the vet as I was worried if she had broken her leg. Luckily, there was nothing major, but she did limp for a week! There you go, she’s named Limpy. As you can see in the photo, with the lighter fur on her eyebrows, she always looks confused. She might not be a pretty cat in a traditional way, but she absolutely is one special cat with the beautiful fur patterns.

Whiny - the Naught Tomboy
Whiny – my Naught Tomboy

Whiny – my Naughty Tomboy (2005~)
One day, I got a call from my friend from university who was then preparing his application to postgraduate. He told me there was a baby kitten crying in his garden, and he didn’t know what to do with that. Well, actually there were quite a few baby kittens out there before, but somehow the cat mother took all the others but left this poor little thing behind. So I told my friend to take her in and gave her some food and water, and I would help take care of her. The same night, this baby kitten was delivered to me! As a baby, she was very needy and she whined a lot. So I named her Whiny! I still remember that I had to get up every two hours during the nights to feed her and check her out to make sure she was all ok. So it was 2005 when she first arrived, and now 10 years have passed by, she never went back to my friend’s! Whiny is the most adventurous furry baby in the family – she is always curious about new things and would jump up and down all the time. She also loves to drink her water freshly out of the tap in the sink! How cool is that!?

Buster – my Crazy Monster

Buster – my Crazy Monster (2005~2010)
I guess the name Buster well explained everything, yes, this boy was one crazy trouble maker. I also got him from a friend who couldn’t take him in after rescuing him from the street. The first time I met him, he was extremely playful, but as a kitten, he fell asleep in my arm not long after. He was another ginger cat. Not a smart cat I have to say but a very sweet one. He was also a very big cat, no fat, but big – up to 7 kgs at some stage. He always liked to sleep on my lap or tummy, and you can imagine how heavy it was, but I was always enjoying his affection as well. Unfortunately, my time with Buster was not long, he died in 2010 of FIP. It is still very difficult to me to think back those days when he got weaker and weaker day after day. But I know he is now well taken care of and happily running around in the cat heaven with all others.

Shiver – my Nervous Princess (cuddling with Scooter)

Shiver, my Lost Princess (2006~2014)
Have you lost your counts yet? I hope not- we are at my 5th cat now!
Before having Shiver as my baby, I came across to this cat in the neighbourhood quite often. Every time I saw her, she was always with the other two strays and by the look of the body size, I would say she was the littlest one also in age. Yeah, I told myself that she’s got companies with her stray fellows, and there was nothing wrong, so no need for me to take her in. But this one night, an extremely windy night, I got home from work a bit later than usual, and there she was – alone and curling up at the corner in front of the main gate. I approached her slowly and gave her a few pats, at that moment I realised she was all shivering because of the coldness and the strong wind. I picked her up in my arm and tried to keep her warm a little bit, and then she started licking me! It was too difficult for me to put her back! I named her Shiver as she was shivering when I got her. So Shiver has then become a new member in my cat family since that chilling night until December last year. I lost her forever in my life. But I will never forget the night I got her and all the sweet days we have spent together. She remains my princess forever in my heart.

Scooter - my Sweetest Prince Charming
Scooter – my Sweetest Prince Charming

Scooter, my Sweet Prince Charming (2006~)
A few days after I took Shiver in, I couldn’t find her anywhere in the house and that made me think that she might sneak out because she was a stray after all. So I went search her in the neighbourhood, calling her name and making meowing sounds. “Shiver, Shiver, meow~~”, nothing! “Shiver, Shiver, meow~~” nothing still! After some time, there was a meowing back! And some more that got louder as I got close a row of parked scooters (a scooter is a motocycle with step-through frame and a platform for the rider’s feet). I looked for a while, hoping to find Shiver, but I saw a little grey kitten hiding between the plastic cover and the tire of a scooter. This little kitten was crying! It was not difficult for me to reach him and picked him up. From my experience, he must be hungry. So I quickly took him home as I wanted to get him food and water as soon I could. The moment I stepped into my apartment, guess what? There Shiver was, sleeping next to the big ceiling window in the sun! I thought to myself, right, by hiding somewhere in the house that morning, Shiver actually sent me to get this grey kitten, everything is meant to be – I had to keep this kitten, named Scooter after for where he was found. Scooter is one very sweet boy that has extremely gentle and warm personality. I have never got any scratch from him over this year. So I always say that he is my Prince Charming!

Blacky - my demanding Alfa Male
Blacky – my demanding Alfa Male

Blacky, my Demanding Alfa Male (2006~)
Looking at the picture, it is probably way too obvious why this cat has such a name, Blakcy! Ok, I admit I kind of running out of my creativity because Blacky was the third cat I got in a short period of time. Not long after having Shiver and Scooter joined in, I saw this brave black kitten one night in the neighbourhood hissing at two big dogs that were approaching him. As a very caring parent of several purry babies, I couldn’t just pretend I didn’t see anything and left. Yes, I had to rescue the kitten, and hell, no way I was gonna leave him there for the dogs to come back and get him. Blacky ended up having a nice warm shower – no dogs, no hissing, but a lot of cuddles that night! I guess it was because he had to protect himself on the street, Blacky has shown his very strong character ever since he got in. Buster and Scooter both have had really calm and nice temper, it was not hard for Blacky to dominate the house and become the Alfa Male of all. He is still the dominating one and I guess that will never change. By the way, remember I have mentioned cats love you with scratches and bites, Blacky is the best role model here to demonstrate this love….. he surely gives love bites when been patted and purring!

Kimchi, my Super Cyclope
Kimchi, my Super Cyclope

Kimchi, my Super Cyclope (2010~2015)
As you might have noticed, there was a big gap in time between 2006 and 2010. I did realise that I actually got too many cats, and there was also Mimi joined in in 2008. It started being unfair to all the animals that as I couldn’t spend as much time as I wanted with individual one, so I did restrict myself for several years from getting more cat. Getting Kimchi was not expected! Hold on, Kimchi!!!! Where the hell is the name coming from? Kimchi is actually a traditional fermented Korean side dish, my all time favourite dish. 😉 You might be wondering what’s the link here with my cat and how odd I would name a cat after a Korean dish. I am not even from Korea! Let me tell you the story.
One night after having dinner out with my sister, we walked home and just before getting into the apartment, there was this very tiny weak meow. I have always been very sensitive to cat’s meowing, so my sister and I started looking. We found a kitten about 6 weeks old, laying there, looking very sick. He was so weak that he wasn’t able to move or run when we tried to pick him up. This was a very serious situation – I ran to get my kitten carrier and then rushed to the vet immediately. My vet told me that he was in a critical condition that he would die if no one has found him in a few hours. We rescued him and got him back finally although he has lost his left eye due to bad infection. So guess what my sister and I had for dinner that night? We had Kimchi hot pot, so we had to name him Kimchi! So Kimchi had then officially joined our big family and become the littlest member with a lot of care and love. However, because of the poor conditions he’s had, he was never a 100% healthy cat and got sick quite easily. Sadly, he passed away early this year because of heartworm infection, which was completely a shock as it is very rare for cats to get affected. It’s another heartbroken losing Kimchi, but I know he is now with Buster & Shiver, and they are always with me in my heart!

I will never be able to express myself good enough the love I have for them nor the love and happiness my babies have brought to me in good and bad times. I am physically far away from them, but my heart is with every single of them all the time.


6 thoughts on “One small cat changes coming home to an empty house to coming home ~ Pam Brown”

  1. Scooter and Whiny are my favorites, they both are way too sweeeet. When they meow and look at me, I could give them whatever they ask for haha…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a fantastic post! I loved reading about your cats. It’s wonderful that you look after and rescue so many cats. They are so lucky to have someone that cares and loves them. Thank you for sharing this, it’s really made my day. After reading it I had to go and give Tom a big hug. I love my Tom so much and couldn’t imagine my life without my fur baby, so it must be difficult for you not to have all of yours.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading, Kim, and I am really glad that you loved it.
      I didn’t realise how long it was until I finished this blog. Was not a very easy one for me to write about as I was thinking of them all the time, especially the lost ones. It is surely difficult and sometimes I actually wonder when I did this to them and myself… life!!! Never easy! 😦


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