What greater gift than the love of a cat?

Scooter and Charles Dickens
Photo Credit: Scooter, my Sweet Prince in Taipei!

One common criticism people have towards cats is that they don’t show how their feelings or affection. Those who haven’t been blessed with the furry feline love really have difficulties believing that cats can be extremely loving and affectionate. My all time favourite quote from the very famous English writer, Charles Dickens, “What grater gift than the love of a cat?”, is just purrfect here to show these sweet, beautiful furry creatures give the best love you can ever get, they just do it differently in numerous ways. Some are quite obvious signals that they love you, but sometimes how they display their love can be seen as odd or even annoying if one doesn’t know the hidden secretes behind them.

Here are some ways cats say “I love you”:

1. Cats love you with Purrs

In my last blog, I have already mentioned that cats purr for several reasons, and how beneficial purring is. They purr especially when they are happy and comfortable. When your cat starts her purr engine and it’s getting strong in your presence, there is no doubt that she is expressing her love to you and want to make sure it’s loud and clear so you know.

Photo Credit: Internet Source

2. Cats love with Gifts

Yes, cats bring gifts! Most of the time these gifts are their kills. I still remember those days waking up to a dead cockroach or a dead bug my queen bee Sticky caught and she just couldn’t stop herself sharing them with me. 😉 Cats are natural hunters, so when they bring these gifts to you, they are offering you the highest compliment which they wouldn’t bother doing if they don’t have a loving relationship with you.

3. Cats love you with Kneading

Kneading is a behaviour developed in the kittenhood. Little kitten babies use their front paws to knead against their mother cat’s breasts to induce milk to be released. So when adult cats continue this behaviour, it normally means they are feeling most relaxed, fond and loved. This is really their way of showing you the love.

Photo Credit: Pishool & her babies (Pishool is Sepid's cat back in Iran)
Photo Credit: Pishool & her babies (Pishool is Sepid’s cat back in Iran)
Photo Credit: Puss in Boots, my favourite cartoon character (from Internet Source)
Photo Credit: Puss in Boots, my favourite cartoon character (from Internet Source)

4. Cats love you with Eyes

Speaking of cat eyes, there is no way I don’t mention my absolutely favourite cartoon character “Puss in Boots”. Remember how he stole Shrek’s heart with his big innocent eyes? That’s right, cat eyes have this magic power of mesemerising. Cats only make eye contact with those they know well and have developed trust for. When your kitten has her eyes fixated on you, it’s an obvious expression of adoration. And a slow blink once your eyes meet hers is considered as a cat kiss.

5. Cats love you with Butts

I have to say that one thing Piaf really enjoys doing is to have her butt facing to me whenever she comes to sit on my tummy when I am in bed. This is a behaviour of showing her compliment. It’s like human’s hug or kisses on each cheek in greeting. You won’t hug or cheek kiss someone you don’t like, and neither will kittens. Cats only offer this compliment to their most trusted and beloved people. So see it as the highest privilege, not that you need to sniff though.

Photo Credit: Internet Source
Photo Credit: Internet Source

6. Cats love you with Scents

Cats use scents for several reasons which are mainly related to mark their territories. They have scent glands in the skin of their chin, lips, cheeks, forehead, tails and between their toes in the pads of their feet. So whenever a cat bumped you with their head, cheeks or your ankles and twines his tail about your leg, which is called bunting, or scratching something, she is spreading her odor to claim her territory or property. Basically she is telling you that you belong to her. Take this as a greatest endorsement and approval you could get from a cat!

Photo Credit: Sticky, my Queen Bee in Taipei!
Photo Credit: Sticky, my Queen Bee in Taipei!

7. Cats love you with Rolling

When a cat rolls on her back at your feet or even on your lap, this is a sign of showing their affection. No cat would easily present her tummy in a environment where she cannot relax. So cats normally do that for people they truly trust and love. This kind of behaviour tends to occur when you are busy on something, yes, it is a sign that your kitty is seeking for your attention and wanting you to give her a pat. Piaf always does that on my lap when I am working on my assignments like now!

Photo Credit: Piaf
Photo Credit: Piaf

These are some most common ways cats express their love… if you tick every single one like I do, I assure you that your cats are happily loved and at the same time are loving you to the moon and back!!!

Let me know how many ticks you’ve got, you crazy cat lovers??? Meow~~


If you put a cat and a bunch of broken bones in the same room, the bones will heal!


I will never forget the day when my colleague at work was telling me how the feral cat has hastened the decline of the native mammals species in Australia. He claimed that cats are the victimisers in this so called “extinction calamity”, and for that reason, he will never think cats are any good what so ever. I do get where he is coming from, especially in such a disgraceful situation, but I also take it that he already has an opinion about cats, one that is not so positive.

Evil, selfish, dark and cold are probably the most common words you would hear about cats from those who never really know anything about them. As an absolute cat lover myself who has had 8 cats at one time, knowing how cats are generally misunderstood actually pains me. From my own experience, cats do share long and deep bonds with their human family, and that is why I consider them my precious babies and part of my family rather than just pets.

Living side-by-side with these amazing, beautiful and elegant furry animals for more than 10 years has lightened up my days. Sadly, I wasn’t able to take them with me to Australia for the moment, which has been a big downside of coming here. But as I am a huge fan of cats, me and my Australian family have adopted a cat together, and we named her Piaf – hands up and let me know if the name rings the bell! 😉 Adopting Piaf is one of the best decisions I’ve made here in Melbourne; Piaf has comforted me big time in my difficult moments here. So I decided to start my blog journey by talking about cats to make people realise how affectionate and attached these furry angels can be and hopefully also change the opinions of those people who are not fond of cats.

Let me start with why cats are good for us with some evidence……

Purring can mean a few things to cats, it is not just a sign of contentment or delight, it is also a magical power of self-healing when cats are injured or in pain. As you can see in the video, purring is also a therapy to stress. Recent research has proven that the soothing purring of a cat can be beneficial to our well-beings. The cat’s purr falls within a range of 20-50 Hertz, and extends to 140 Hertz. In sound therapy, these vibration frequencies are associated with medical therapeutic and believed to heal injuries and relieve pain. In other words, the cat’s purr helps lower stress level and blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart attack, decrease the difficulties with breathing, heal infection and swelling, mend and strengthen bones.


So if you already have a furry feline that you love, now go fetch her to hug and kiss them for all that they have brought you. If you don’t, why not seriously consider fostering, adopting and saving one who will pay you back with lots of love, snuggles, and many years of great health? 😉

On that note, I will be posting how cats show their love to us in my next blog, and there are more and more to come! So stick around and join me to be a cataholic! Meow~~!